Osaka Go Camp 2023 - coming this summer!

This is a message relayed from Ryo Maeda 6p, organizer of the Osaka Go Camp:

Dear Go friends,

This is Ryo Maeda 6p of Kansai-Kiin. I have been attending the US Go
Congress for the past 19 years.

This year the Kansai Kiin will be organizing the Osaka Go Camp for the
8th time (June 25- July 13, 2023).

The website for the event is

During the camp, we have league games in the mornings and full
teaching programs in the afternoons by professional players every day.
The teaching programs will be in English.

On holidays, we will also organize some day trips to places like
downtown Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and a two-day trip to Himeji and kobe,
attending an official tournament in Himeji and sightseeing includes
Hmeji castle and Kobe.

I promise that everyone can improve quite a lot through the Camp and
the Congress and will have a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Osaka!

Ryo Maeda 6p, Kansai-Kiin


This is VERY interesting and I dare say, cost effective.
With a quick look at air tickets, even on the most expensive choice for the camp, it is 2500 euros for two weeks in Osaka.
I think I should start saving up some money for next year.
Mmm … this or the European Go Congress? Tough choice.

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The program looks wonderful, and as noted, is quite reasonably priced.

I couldn’t find information on the website about the player levels/rankings that the camp is designed for - what rankings are most appropriate for the camp (or what rankings have most former participants had)?

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I’m wondering what the price is to join without the accommodation. Seems a bit silly if one already lives in Osaka…


In this case they can probably enroll in the Kansai Kiin and enjoy whatever schedules and training programs they have all year round. This seems to be geared specifically towards foreigners since the lessons are all in English.

But I am a foreigner preferring English. Even if I wouldn’t have a home in Osaka, I’d usually prefer finding my own accommodation for conferences.


Still you may appreciate staying with your go comrade not only in the activities during day time?
Anyway you can just ask them, they should give give you an alternative offer.

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Not if it costs renting a hotel room while I could also sleep for free at home, although it depends on the price of the hotel. Hence the question what the price would be if accommodation isn’t included.

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Very same question, as I am lucky enough to live in Japan and can also stay for free at Osaka.
What is the recommended level for attending? Also would it be possible to attend let’s say, only the first week of the camp?

Probably the best is to ask the organizers.