OSR celebrates 1000 members with a series of events during March

It was a foggy evening in February 2019 when the 1000th member entered the Open Study Room to deepen their knowledge of Go. To celebrate this milestone, we are organizing a series of events taking place during March.

The events will start on the third of March with a lecture by Su Yang (6d EGF) aka Jeff. The lecture topic, as chosen by our community, will be “Direction of Play”. It will take place in the OSR room on KGS.

The second weekend of March will give you a chance to compete in our celebration tournament on Saturday. Our friend and teacher Guo Juan (5p) from the Internet Go School will review two tournament games on Sunday.

On Saturday the 23rd Cornel Burzo (6d EGF) will play against 3 OSR members of different strengths (Dan, SDK and DDK) in a simultaneous game. People who play the celebration tournament or recently played in our monthly leagues qualify for a raffle which will be used to select these players.

Full planing can be found in this flyer. As usual all OSR events are free for all to attend!


Only 3 simul games? :smiley: DDK will hardly even slow Cornel down… Let’s make him sweat a little :smiley:

But thanks, looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Just a quick reminder: This Saturday we have a tournament coming up. The exact format of the tournament will be adjusted to the amount of registered players and you will have a chance to win a review by Guo Juan. Participating in the tournament also qualifies you for a raffle that can win you a game vs. Cornel Burzo on the following weekend.

The results of the 1k Celebration Tournament were:

Congratulations to the winners!

Guo Juan (5p) is due to review a couple of the tournament games at 18:00 UTC today.