Page for Favorite or Bookmarked Games

I wish we had a button for bookmarking or favoriting games, and a respective page for them. So far, sometimes it’s a pain to remember where I can find some memorable games I’ve watched.

Possible workarounds would be to — they are all too much of a hustle and not clean at all in my opinion… —:

  • Download the SGF and then reupload it into your SGF collection
  • Create a boilerplate review of it so it is registered into your account
  • Bookmark the webpage itself into your browser

Bookmarking works well, so that doesn’t look like something very useful to me.

Using a browser to bookmark is something external to the platform, and it is very annoying having to worry about syncing when you change browsers or machines. I don’t think we will get unanimous voting to either side of the coin, but the browser bookmarking already exists anyway, why not add the option of also being able to do it entirely on OGS, we would also be able to have direct access to specific metadata, tables, views, etc.

As a basic user, i don’t worry that much on sync (if i change hardware, i ll copy my fav folder anyway). OGS running in the browser, it doesn’t look like separate worlds.
Now i guess there could be some more advantages like the ones you enumerate but that’s too technical for me.

There’s many other workarounds as well that one could come up with.

For example one could just set up a private thread/pm with oneself on the forums and copy + paste the url in. You could have one post per game, with a mini description and it will even show the game thumbnails for example.

Or one could do similar with any external site where one just wants to store a list of game links+descriptions that would be independent of the browser.

It can imagine it being a nice QOL feature to be able to bookmark/favorite OGS games though.


You can send yourself a private message on these forums, which gives you a personal space to post whatever notes, bookmarks, etc. you want.

The neat thing is that it behaves just like a forums thread, where links to games automatically create a box that shows a thumbnail.

You can even add polls (for just yourself*) in that private thread!

*not that I’ve ever done that, of course :sweat_smile:


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