Paid for subscription but received no features

I renewed my subscription to OGS yesterday and have still not received any notification from OGS about it. I don’t have full AI review, and my name is still blue. Why is this? According to PayPal, the payment went through.

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@anoek (He is the creater of OGS)(I meant the developer)anything wrong?

Please don’t post transactions in the forums. Admins can probably trace your payment anyway if needed.

Based on what I’ve seen in similar posts, sometimes the account that has the support payment is different from the main account, is there any possibility you have a different account?


Ok I deleted the screenshot. But no, I do not have multiple accounts.

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Definitely not.

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Based on my personal experience only, sometimes paypal needs a day or two to process a payment. Probably @anoek can verify, though. I’d wait for his reply, he usually replies soon enough.

Or a mod.

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Hello @NominRamen and sorry about trouble!

First thing you can try is to log out and back in, sometimes that’s all the kick the system needs.

I have alerted our developer to sort out the case once he logs in, in case it does not help.

Sorry again.

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Thanks for the tip, AdamR. I tried logging out and in, but to no effect. Thanks for alerting a dev.

Hi @NominRamen, yep everything went through just fine, looks like we were still awaiting the paypal notification for some reason, but regardless I fixed up your account manually. Thanks for the support, and sorry for the trouble!


Thanks @anoek, looks like it is working now!

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