Park Junghwan back to #1!

Park Junghwan is now back to being the #1 rated Go player in the world, according to Rémi Coulom’s He got there in the best of ways: with a hot streak culminating with back to back victories against his top rivals, Shin Jinseo and Ke Jie, en route to winning the World Go Championship for the 3rd year in a row.

It’s worth noting that the World Go Championship is a small invitational, and winning is not nearly as prestigious an accomplishment as it sounds. Still, beating the #1 and #3 players in the world is no small feat, and few other Go players in the world could do the same. (Liao Yunhe, the current world #23, was his third opponent.)

Compared to the borderline old-fashioned Iyama Yuta games I posted a few days ago, Park Junghwan vs. Ke Jie was a chaotic mess of weak groups, ko fights, 3-3 invasions, and attachments. In otherwords: modern computer-inspired Go. I’ve uploaded the game to OGS, for anyone that wants to see how two of the strongest players in history duke it out over the board:


Yay! I’ve been a fan of Park Junghwan since I liked his games against AlphaGo better than anyone else’s in that series. I followed the semi-final and final games in last year’s championship, but only caught some of each this year (too busy), Glad to see he pulled off the win, as people (and I think Leela) were saying he was losing midway through, and I couldn’t stay up to see it to the end.

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