Pass at Midgame

Did this occur to you that your opponent pass at midgame?

In my game with a 4kyu, I captured my opponent’s large group invasion into my moyo. To make things worse, during the escape, I reduced his/her corner’s liberty and killed the corner.

It’s no brainer that I am winning the game. Instead of resign, my opponent passed. The estimate showed I am winning like 20+ points even with the captured stones counted as live. I did not want to get into dispute on what’s live or dead, so I refused to pass. Instead I reduced one more liberty on the already dead corner and asked in the game chat why he/she passed? Without answering, my opponent passed again.

This time, I chose not to play a meaningless move and chatted my opponent directly stating pass is not a valid option. Either resign or continue to play. My opponent resigned immediately without ever responding my messages.

I did check before my first message that my opponent resigned before so I assumed he/she understood what resign is and how to use it on OGS.

Bad manners happen. Just move on. Though u may wish to block that player from future games.

Best wishes!


I’ve seen such pass/resign confusion when playing beginners. But a 4k??? Very strange.

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Strange. I’ve had that happen to me only in a few games. Normally it would be a similar situation as described in OP. If the game has not come to an end I would just continue playing. Most of my opponents would resign after passing a few times.

I would guess this is a gesture of frustration :stuck_out_tongue: