Passing control during review

I was unable to pass control during a review. does anyone know if the feature was removed or if it is a bug

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I’m not a mod but I’m guessing a link to the review would probably help the mods with this one.


Things that mods and @anoek usually want to know in problematic situations like this:

  • a link (as mentioned by @dragon-devourer)
  • what operating system do you use (version!)
  • clear description of the problem (what is the problem and what did you do when the problem appeared)
  • screenshot
  • … (something I didn’t think of)

The more info the better/faster an aswer can be given.

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A link to the review wouldn’t be necessary here because it was tested by two users in two different reviews on two different Operating systems.

Windows 10 Microsoft edge
MacOS safari
the give control option that usually occurs when you left click on a player’s name in the review system did not appear.

However in testing again today it did appear.


Are you sure that you’re someone with permission to give control of the review? It still shows up for me. Perhaps you should reconsider the decision to willingly withhold information that could help solve your problem.


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Yes, i was certain. I started the review and so did the other tester in a completely separate review.
Again I will reiterate. Testing again today and the issue was gone.
This thread was made to report an issue with the UI and has apparently been fixed.

A link to the review would be just about the only thing here that’s useful to us…

If I were to guess, the most probably cause for why this wouldn’t be possible, is that the user that tries to change the control is not the owner of the review.

Nothing has been fixed. Please tell us which review you’re talking about.

FIrst, I was the owner of the review. So was the other play who experienced the problem.
Game Finished (
since you want a link so badly. here is the game with the reviews. You can absolutely rule out me not owning the review. I was teaching for the AGA beginners night and teaching newbies. they did not know how to use OGS and we had to make separate reviews to pass control. However upon testing later to give you screenshots. The issue did not arise. BUT I am 100% certain I had review control and ownership when trying to pass control.

I was the other teacher who was unable to pass control that night. We did solve the problem by having two reviews for the same game. Ragnarr (Evilest0din) started the review on the game initially. When he needed to step away he was unable to pass control to me. I had the students browse back to the game whereupon I started a new review. when Ragnarr returned I attempted to pass control of the review I had started to him. It did not work. We all browsed back and joined Ragnarr’s initial review. We have both passed control in the past on games we have started, so we do know how to do it. That night it did not work. If it is working now that is wonderful. I just wanted to chime in to confirm his report.

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