Passing when planning conditional moves

We’ll cross that bridge when we reach it…

Every tree entry is just “player.color” and “player.move” and I don’t know what’s inside the move property when someone pass :smiley:

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Go man go. I was just pointing out that it’s more than just a button and a call to goban.pass :wink:

And in fact, I think (without actually looking) that you’ll be needing back-end support to receive (and store) passes as conditional moves, and to execute them when the time comes. By some miracle all the infrastructure might already support it, but … that would be some miracle.

Somebody (Edit: benjito, ‘just’ two years ago :p) on this thread said it’s already supported on the backend - So I did in fact count on exact that miracle…

I’ll test it the simple solution this weekend and report how much disappointment awaited me :smiley:


Ooo - sounds promising then!


Yep! I’ve actually been “testing” over the past 2 years by entering global_goban.pass() in my console :joy: it just works!

It’s ".." in some places "pass" in other places. Good question, as it might come up when needing to translate “pass” in the move tree.

I had to turn a little water into wine in the goban repo (goban.pass() to play a conditional move in "conditional" mode by benjaminpjones · Pull Request #80 · online-go/goban · GitHub) but otherwise we should be good!


Coming back to that offer… The docker files are broken :smiley:

I set up a devcontainer though, but now I’m greeted with an infinite loading-screen.
It’s loading “vendor.js” and seems to receive the index.html…

GET ///vendor.js
--> /OGSScoreEstimator/OGSScoreEstimator-0.7.0.js

That’s the last log I see in my console… Do I need to build the Score Estimator Repo, too? :sweat_smile:

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Oh nice!

Your console logs are as-expected. When I visit localhost:8080, I also get the GET ///vendor.js ... ScoreEstimator messages:

To explain them a bit, the devserver proxies API requests to the beta server. --> /some/route just means it’s proxying a request/response. In this case, you’re seeing the ScoreEstimator get downloaded from here:

I haven’t seen this infinite loading screen before, but some troubleshooting ideas:

  • Reload localhost:8080
  • Try visiting some other page, like localhost:8080/observe-games
  • Make sure you’re connected to internet
  • Open up the JavaScript console in your browser and see if there are any errors there
  • Open up the Network tab in Browser and see what’s there
  • Make sure there aren’t more type or lint errors above the GET ... --> messages

Any updates about this feature? I have been using @benjito ’s console trick for a while. I would be happy to write some code if that is needed.


Somebody just pinged me about taking this feature on! I’ll let you know if I see/hear any updates.


Someone beat you to it, feedback on UI requested


I suspect that’s the someone that pinged benjio :slight_smile: