Password forgot but I get no e-mail

Hi. I am logged into my account on one computer, but what I thought was my old password doesn’t work for changing. I can see that my e-mail is correct in the settings, but when using the “Forgot password”, I don’t get any e-mail sent out to me. I’ve done it multiple times over a few days, no e-mail, not in spam sorting or otherwise. I don’t know how to reset my password then.


If you can reach your settings I assume the password is stored somewhere? Cant you just get it from browser logon memory?

But if you can’t solve it, just PM your e-mail and link to profile just to be sure. Will reset it for you.


The password shouldn’t be stored on your computer, nor be reconstructable from data stored the server.


If you are still logged in with one of your devices, you can visit and change your password at the bottom of that page. You just have the enter the same new password in both boxes (under the section labeled password), then if they match, a button to “Update password” will be activated to set the new password.

It’s odd that you do not seem to be receiving emails from the website. Are you able to receive other notification emails, such as from correspondence games?


A email address gets blacklisted, when it was impossible to deliver a/some mail in the past. @anoek is the only one able to check this and remove your mail from the blacklist.


When doing that, it automatically asks for the old password. I tried :slight_smile:

Thanks, will do that.


Not sure if it is your recommendation or belief, but just to be clear (and as potential warning to casual users :wink: ) I meant the built-in browser credentials manager which is still widely used and the stored passwords can easily be viewed directly in the browser in plain-text form.

Either way, we will discuss the rest with OP over PMs.


One of our previous Ministers (basically Minister of police matters, security, cybersecurity etc) had his official photo where his credentials were on a post-it note on his PC screen. It made some rounds here.

EDIT: The barely visible password is 123456.


I Have the same problem: i forgot my passowrd and requested to reset it.
but i do not receive an email.
what can i Do?

LKind regards