Passworded games

It would be great to be able to create passworded games. Would that be feasible?

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You can create private games, then only you and your opponent can see the game. Just select the checkmark when you create the game challenge.
Additionally you can create private demo boards as well.

In the top of the right hand menu you can control the access settings of the game / demo board. There you can invite users. Anyone uninvited cannot see the private game / demo board.


It’s not about who can see it, it’s about who can accept the challenge. There have been several people in chat recently asking to see if there’s a way that they can either send a link or make a challenge only people on their friends list can accept without directly challenging them


Ah, I see.

Yeah, that would be a pretty nice feature


You mean something like Invitation to game (or open challenge) as a URL ?

Its been requested few times already, and i too feel like it would be great feature to have here. I’m sure that if we could get random non-ogsers to play go and try out the site, many of those randos would eventually make accounts and be part of this great community.


I would like passworded tournaments too (but maybe it has to be unranked)

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