Invitation to game (or open challenge) as a URL

As a user of online-go I would like to be able to post a link in our discord chat as an invitation to a game.
I would like to define the game rules etc in the same way as I do when creating a challenge; but I would like to make it an “open” challenge and whomever clicks the link first get to play the game as my opponent.

This way, I can create a game, post it in the chat room (Discord) and wait for some other player to engage.
If they have an account, they could be prompted to log in first, and if not, to create an account.

This makes sense since we have players that play on many different servers but share a common discord chat. It would in my opinion make OGS a better candidate for being the server of choice.


Similar proposal discussed here


I think this would be extremely useful. Any idea how hard something like this might be to implement? Is this front-end or back-end work?


I loved the idea back then and i still love it <3

I love how lichess allows users to create challenges via invite links. It takes just 2 clicks on their landing page to make a challenge for anyone who gets the link (or randomly manually types in the url, but again, they are not using ascending game id’s)


I too think this would be a great idea. Not only for external or potential go players. But for the interior too.

Instead of challenging Anderson by having to find their username somewhere, or clicking a whole bunch of times… Perhaps simply having a link you can message a person may be easier.

But… Internal asside. Having this for external go players and as an easy way to introduce a website to wary friend, this goes a long way as an idea, to help solve those problems.


I would propose even a “play as guest” function in the link, where the other player doesn’t need an account at all and can play this one game as temporary “guest35209525”