Pause timer live game before first move

I like to say “hello” / “good game” before starting a game. This isn’t a problem in correspondance games. But when time is short in certain live games, it eats some of my timer and can make a difference in the end.
I guesss what I’m asking is if it is or would be possible to start the timer after having a short chat with my opponent.
Or maybe it’s not customary to do so and chat is done afterwards?


There isn’t a pause, but there is some extra time before the first move.
I just tested with a live game, 25min each: the black player’s clock starts at about 27 minutes!
If the first move happens before the extra time is up, the remaining extra time is taken away => 25 minutes.

Thanks, I saw it also on a fast game, I had some extra time before the real timer started. Must have missed it previously.

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