Paused by the server


I was just playing a game… we were in the byo-yomi and at some point the game just paused (it showed the message paused by the server)… it was a real time game. I was wondering what can cause a game to ‘pause’ or is it a default feature for a game?


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This happens when we deploy upgrades to the site and will usually only be like that for a few minutes. Before running upgrades we pause all of the clocks on any live or blitz games until after the update has finished, plus a little extra time to make sure everyone gets refreshed appropriately. You may also briefly notice a disconnect and immediate reconnect which is the game service restarting itself after the upgrade.

Nothing to worry about, we just don’t want anyone to lose a game because we took an extra 2 seconds for the service to come back online.

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Thanks for the reply. It make sense… thanks. Thanks for the server… BTW… Keep up the good job. :slight_smile: