Paypal account renewal issues with OGS support

Hi there.
My OGS support has been suspended since march because my then current bank account stopped working with Paypal due to war and resulting sanctions. I’ve since changed the bank and renewed Paypal link, but there is no option to “nudge” OGS payments to try and fetch money again - it still says that I’m on a plan and only allows cancelling support.
I could try to cancel and re-subscribe, but that would mean my “long time original support” rate will be lost which would be a pity. Is it possible to renew the subscription without cancelling this plan?



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Thanks for the ping @Groin, @netnazgul, I think I’ve re-activated it, Nov. 3 is when we’ll find out whether it’s working as expected or not. Let me know if there are any issues. And thanks for being a supporter!


Paypal has notified me about it, so I expect it to work properly. Thank you for the swift response and resolution!

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