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Hi guys!
Does anyone know some good pdf collection for beginners or something similar?
I really want to obtain as much as literature as I can, and go through it slowly…
Any help would be appreciated!


Some links here: https://online-go.com/docs/other-go-resources including:

81 Little Lions (9x9 Intro)

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Well, it is in the list Kosh mentioned, but you can give this a shot if you’ld like:

It is free like the others in the list, but it keeps getting updated and it was written with a beginner’s mindset.

Happy studying :slight_smile:


Got this one its absolutely amazing!

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Not really for beginners but I guess you can call it literature. Not overly accessible but only slightly dated considering it’s from about 1000 years before alphago…



Much appreciated, thank you!

PDF book on honte (still WIP?) by @Kaworu_Nagisa and @Tokumoto

Discussion thread at Need Help With My Book

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I found these pdfs at Evolution of Go - #5 by Oni

The History of Go Rules, Chen Zuyuan 2011

The Game of Go: Speculations on its Origins and Symbolism in Ancient China, Peter Shotwell 1994–2008

To say that “The Classic of Weiqi inThirteen Chapters” by Zhang Ni (11th century) is:

is the understatement of the decade! :laughing: It’s so dense and impenetrable, I think I’d lean more about Go from reading Shakespeare :rofl:

Nice as a historic artefact though. Cool link. Thanks :smiley: :+1:


Mark5000’s book Find the Plan: A mini-series for advanced Go players

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Go on Go: The Analyzed Games of Go Seigen

With credit to Attorante and his thread Go on Go: The Analyzed Games of Go Seigen (PDF)

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The Enclave, First Edition – 2008 KGS magazine

Professional Player Game Collections by logan

free professional game collections (…) The collections are in PDF format and come in both single diagram and 50-move diagram layouts. Each includes: a player biography, a game list, game records, and a selection of recommended games

Players covered:

  • Cho Chikun
  • Honinbo Genjo
  • Kobayashi Koichi
  • Rin Kaiho
  • Yasui Chitoku
  • Chen Yaoye
  • Fan Xiping
  • Go Seigen
  • Gu Li
  • Hane Naoki
  • Honinbo Jowa
  • Huang Longshi
  • Iyama Yuta
  • Kim Jisuk
  • Kitani Minoru
  • Lee Changho
  • Lee Sedol
  • Ma Xiachun
  • Park Junghwan
  • Sakata Eio
  • Shi Dingan
  • Shi Yue
  • Takagawa Kaku
  • Yamashita Keigo
  • Zhou Ruiyang

First four issues of the Goama magazine of the Russian Go Federation

With credit to @bugcat some more PDF go resources:

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Tony Atkins’ short, fairly entry-level Weiqi (Go): The Martial Art of the Scholar