PDF resources

Hi guys!
Does anyone know some good pdf collection for beginners or something similar?
I really want to obtain as much as literature as I can, and go through it slowly…
Any help would be appreciated!

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Some links here: https://online-go.com/docs/other-go-resources including:

81 Little Lions (9x9 Intro)


Well, it is in the list Kosh mentioned, but you can give this a shot if you’ld like:

It is free like the others in the list, but it keeps getting updated and it was written with a beginner’s mindset.

Happy studying :slight_smile:

Got this one its absolutely amazing!

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Not really for beginners but I guess you can call it literature. Not overly accessible but only slightly dated considering it’s from about 1000 years before alphago…


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Much appreciated, thank you!