"Perfect" Games - Handcrafted AI self-plays

Half research, half just for fun I started to create game records of AI self-plays with a twist. Instead of just doing a self-play, I make the moves based on the AI analysis. I let it running (several million visits) until I can see the best move. If in doubt, I restart the search. For equally good alternatives, the choice is aesthetic. If the game is drawn, the experiment is successful. We have a blunder-free game. Or at least the illusion of it.
I record these for viewing pleasure.

Someone else might find these interesting to watch.


Idea is wonderful but… I see no game (just a big empty space, even no link?

You might enjoy this thread as well :slight_smile:


The link to the youtube playlist gets embedded, and you may have some problem with that. Here is the text only link:


Indeed, yes! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

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Indeed, I’m out of YouTube :pensive:

I see, you miss the real board replays, but not the games. Here are the SGF files so far:

Thanks so much

The first 13x13 game in that playlist was pretty crazy, very interesting :slight_smile:

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Exactly! When I was half-way through, I thought it was impossible to draw the game. It is a bit difficult to digest that neural networks can do something that looks like super-precise long-term calculation.