Personality and Go playing style

Do you guys think that the way you play Go is a reflection of your personality? I’m not strong enough to have a style yet but what do you guys think?

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If you allow Go to do so, it will break you down and destroy your “personality.”.

What is personality? It is your disposition as a consequence of your interactions with life.

Go is a martial art. Go is the first martial art. Specifically, it is an internal martial art that focuses on the development of the mind and spirit.

You study a martial art to achieve certain things that would be long in coming or never come without it. I think Go teaches consequential thinking through time and space. Unless you are completely culturally illiterate, you can probably figure out where my name come from and maybe guessing couple of good reasons for it.

My life, to an outside observer, is hard and complicated. I can tell you that, logically, it doesn’t compare to the problems I run into on the board. Simple real-life problems can put me in in a world of pain while getting on the wrong side of complicated battles in Go leaves me only with a momentarily bruised ego so there is that trade-off. Nonetheless, Go is meditative and makes me ready for the rest of the day.

First and foremost, Go is to be fun. It’s a bit of a learning curve to get to the fun part. Go is a game where you achieve mastery only through study. Experience run the risk of trapping and you into bad habits. The nontrivial aspects of study, review and reading ahead changes everyone who sticks around long enough.

If a player’s personality is guiding his/her game and not the game guiding his/her personality, I don’t think such a player will be around for long.


In short, yes. I deal with problems in real life the same way I deal with problems on the board. And not just go, I play chess the same way too.

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