Pesky invasion

Indeed a pesky invasion. Black was a bit timid in dealing with the invasion.

not good at invasions

Are you asking for advice?

If so, I’d suggest to deal with invasions keeping a distance.
White managed to live thanks to some black stones that were captured.

Better to surround from a distance and let white live small in the middle, while making points all around, than to lose all middle territory.

If white is greedy, there’s still chance to kill them later, after surrounding.

There’s a nice go variation called “shape game” that can be useful to improve dealing with such invasions. You can look for examples here in the forum.


thanks I will try that

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Well the first thing is that you tenukied twice to take more points at the bottom. You may be right if you are sure to kill, but completely wrong if white then lives…

When you try to kill, what matters is that the opponent don’t make TWO eyes, but he can make one, and that one can be big as long as it cannot change into 2.
So many times simply reducing brings death if you allow one eye to exist.
So here J8 may be a bit early, you can reduce the space more and G9 surely not good, as this capture next almost ensure w life.