Petition to M&M's to make a 바다 edition

I’ve found out that apparently grown adults are very invested in M&M’s, therefore I think the logical course of action is to petition M&M’s to do what we all know they should have done by now. Copy paste the message and send them e-mails and letters. I’m super super serious.

Dear M&M’s,

I have an idea that you would love, which is to make a black and white 바둑 version of your M&M’s. M&M’s are the perfect snack while playing a game of 바둑, but I also feel that 바둑 is also the perfect esteemed ancient art to supplement M&M’s to show your commitment to raising the mental level of us all.

Yours yummily,

A person who thinks M&M’s are the best looking candy in the world.


I believe you can already buy black and white M&M’s. What would make them more “바둑”?


Have 180 each


Various online retailers sell custom color M&M’s, and there are available packages that specifically come as black and white.

It’s probably much easier for them to fill bags approximately by weight rather than exact count, but anyways the candy is quite cheap, and it seems like a reasonable work around to just buy a bit more than enough.

I think an important feature would be the size. They also make Mega M&M’s that would be a better size for playing Go with, but I could not find a specific package of black and white Mega M&M’s available for sale.


black and white M&M’s in the wooden Go bowl, angle view


Weighting is more as approximate.
As an example, it’s the way some weiqi clubs check that you give back the right amount of stones when borrowing a set.

Would be even better to be sold in chocolate bowls.


From size and shape I prefer these:

Called “Schokolinsen” in German (chocolate lentils). Vegan versions exist but are expensive.

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