Petty complaints and 1st world COVID problems

There is a serious thread about the pandemic, if someone doesn’t care about going to hell, share your petty, selfish annoyances here:

  • Fresh salads are hard to get/ trust and this is an inconvenience (as mentioned here).
  • I’m a lipstick person, so this constant “wear a mask” thing is going to mess it up.

I’m a lipstick person, so this constant “wear a mask” thing is going to mess it up.

I see an open market for either see-through plastic masks or high-quality designer masks. This is a global issue now, so there are bound to be people that will buy them. Think something like Goop, for example, but for masks.

That might sound a bit - well, I do not the right word - over the top, but years ago when there was unrest and many public demonstrations, there were articles and fashion articles about “what is all the rage to wear in a public protest” and you cannot get more “1st world problem” vibes than that :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m forced to sit inside and my farts smell too nasty for myself to endure


It’s not about only being seen, it also about not being smudged. Trust me, it’s a problem.

Edit: I’ll eat rusty flaming nails before I give money to Goop.


Maybe your quarantine diet is to blame.

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It’s not about only being seen, it also about not being smudged. Trust me, it’s a problem.

Smudgeless quarantine lipstick, only 30euro … sorry … 29.99 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll eat rusty flaming nails before I give money to Goop.

They might eventually be selling those too under “vintage premier quality family style heatable wall decorating apparatus” :sneezing_face: … but really it doesn’t have to be a notorious brand like them. I’d bet that there are many actual fashion brands that would willingly make fashion out of this situation.


Imagine the quarantine being the deciding factor so a decent smudge-proof lipstick comes to life (it’s not as easy as it seems, but I know better than to turn this into a beauty thread).


If you really wanted to, you could just change the name, which would kind of just change the topic as a whole. You would only be making a few posts be off topic because we only have 8 total posts right now(including this post I am posting right now)


I don’t think it’ll get much traction :stuck_out_tongue:


These are the forums. Just because I am not as interested in a beauty thread doesn’t mean it doesn’t get to have a thread. There are no penalties for creating threads even if they aren’t super popular.(well unless you are doing it to troll people because then you might get penalized)


I have not been able to get eggs for a week. I don’t understand this because I guess the chickens are still laying. It’s not bird flu this time. Where are the eggs?!


Honestly I only googled “eggs cure coronavirus” for the hell of it. But

But I feel your pain.


My personal weather station apparently broke, now i have to look out of the window to see what kinda weather its out there.


Me: lives like a hermit for ~25 years.

COVID: appears

Me: meh, I have to live like a hermit.

<edit 2020-05-26> Just to make it clear, that “meh” reaction is NOT what I really think about it, it was just kidding :wink:) I totally support the lockdown (not the least reason being that I’m in at least two risk groups). </edit>



Most kinds of canned food go best with perishable kinds of food on the side. It’s not practical.


Hm, let’s see what I can complain about…

  • I had a trial lesson at a karate club the week before lockdown. I wish I could start training soon!

  • Playing with my son sometimes sucks, like if I have to read the same book for the fourth time in one day, or if he wants to play “dragon” for hours (that mostly means he “breathes fire” and we have to run away and shout “Help, help, a fire breathing dragon!”). Ok, to be honest, most of the time it’s really cute. But I hate that kindergarten is closed and that playgrounds are also closed.

  • I spend so much time at home that my own chaos annoys me much more than it usually does.


Didn’t Germany also start opening schools / kindergarten again?

In the Netherlands we had a press conference yesterday, where the head of the government research group on the virus claimed that the virus is (1) not very dangerous for children, (2) not very contagious in children and (3) the previous measures to close schools has not resulted in a relative reduction in the number of new cases of infection under children. In short, it seems that the research in my country shows that it is relatively safe to let children go to school, with the largest risk being the teachers (who are adults).


I can’t shave my neck as often as I would like to because the barber shop I get my favourite disposable blades for my straight razor from is closed and I’ve only got one blade left. If that doesn’t change soon, I’ll have to use a Gillette safety razor like some savage…

Edit: Not that I mind having a stubble on my neck; or that anybody outside my flat would see me.


No, not really, that is, not for everybody. Schools will open for a few classes (all classes that will have exams this or next year), and kindergartens are / will be open for children of “essential” workers as well as for children of single parents. Soon, the children who are supposed to start school in summer will follow.

I think… well, it’s an okay decision. It’s good to be cautious and see how much the number of infection will rise within the following weeks. However, schools and kindergartens are so important on many levels. Especially for kids who live under not-so-great conditions.

I hope that will prove to be true and our kindergartens will also reopen soon. Thanks for testing that for us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: