Plan review request (11k)

There is part of my older game - - that I still cant answer and it drives my mind crazy.

What should I do after moves 24 and 30 plan-wise?

What I did in game seems to me like mindless reactions to opponents initiative and I dont like it, but I cant figure out any reasonable plan. (ofc not taking big point on left side before was blunder, but I dont think position is bad since white made some questionable plays too, just dont know what to do at that point)

I added a few ideas to the game record. Because the board is open, it’s hard to say what’s the best approach to handling the situations. I can say that, for move 31, most strong players would to block the tiger’s mouth at C9 or maybe C10 first because that’s a basic instinct kind of move.

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The focal point where forces of both sides grow or reduce.