Play an unranked correspondence game against KataGo relayed by me

High, I’m offering an unranked* correspondence game against me relaying KataGo’s high play-out moves, preferably with New Zealand rules (7 komi). You get to choose your colour. I’ll play KataGo’s highest play-out move with up to half a million playouts.

  • (unless a lot of people are interested, in which case I’ll make a new “bot” account for ranked)

Are you using a significantly stronger version/configuration of the KataGo bot than what is already offered (by the official bot run by the KataGo author: Otherwise, I don’t understand the purpose of the exercise.

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The only purpose is really if anyone has a preference for playing correspondence. Skimming through lightvector’s account, there are only live games with far less than 12,000 playouts per move.

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if you ever get tired of this, you can redirect peopke to JBXKatabot, it does a similar thing

So far, no interest :slight_smile: