Play Go in Dayton, Ohio, USA


How does a picture for Tengen Go Club not have Tengen played on the board? That being said, this is a really interesting board position. It looks like white abandoned his stones in the bottom left, planning on using them for just aji in the future, but can likely capture a large part of the top right. I think the stick at top left can live in the corner with one more move, and might alternately be able to connect out to the fight coming out of the left. Do you know what game this position is out of?

Also, best of luck with the club! I’m too far away to join, but I’ll look you guys up if I’m ever in Dayton.


Our club is not listed on the American Go Association site. Woo Hoo!


I think you mean “now listed” rather than “not listed”.


Does this club still meet? I am updating the cincinnati go website and am adding links to other clubs.

I would love to know as well if this group still meets. I am getting into Go and would love a place to go to play with real people in person.

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Maybe trying to contact them via usgo link or email address (see previous posts) is a more efficient way to find out (REVERSER may not be regularly active on this forums).

Lol, Ben, why no reach out to me?
The answer is no. Also I have his contact info if you’d like.

However, may I suggest adding a non-static directory of clubs and players instead: (aka You can even embed it in your site with an iframe.

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I figured you might see my message in the Discord! Anyway bummer Dayton isn’t meeting…

That’s a great idea! My goal is to help people near Cincinnati find where they need to be. Is there a way to zoom the embed link in to, say, just the Midwest? I assume there’s a way to specify the location in the URL, but I haven’t found it. (example:,-84,8z)

Try manipulating this:,24.9493,-66.9326,49.5904

The map auto enters on the persona location if the url is empty. But the zoom currently can’t be set. Although that is a feature in version 2.

Cool stuff. That seems to have worked. Pretty excited for version 2 though- took me a good second to figure out which bounds were which!

I didn’t end up going with the iframe because there was too much going on in the borders. Maybe you have a way to fix this. I’ll message you offline (well online but not here)