Play local game?

Can i play local games on this website? With local game i mean that i want to play with someone else on the same screen.

you can create demo board

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As said just open a demo board. You will have to count the result by yourself and it won’t be rated.

Score estimator can do the counting on a demo board.

Another option (that I think should work) would be to open a second browser window in private/incognito mode (so you can have two different users logged in), and then switch between the windows for each move (ALT+TAB is your friend). It might be a little bit annoying, but it would allow you to play proper games with clocks and all.


Using a second browser would probably work just as well? Like, for example, Safari and Firefox, b/c AFAIK cookies are browser-specific

Also, I’d probably put both windows side by side in this case, so that both players can alway see the game from their perspective.

Are you hoping for OGS to rotate the board so that White’s left is Black’s right? I don’t think that’s how it works here!


With a touchable screen like iPad on table, then play a demo game, problem solved.

You’re welcome. :joy:

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I’m not sure I understand you … but wait … now I think I do … dang, you’re right :face_with_spiral_eyes:

There seems to be a knot in my brain concerning these things—I’ve made the same thought mistake before: played a Real Life game with my nephew but we couldn’t finish it … so I took a photo with Baduk Cap, which turned it into an SGF, which I uploaded to OGS— and only then realized it would always look “wrong” (i.e. rotated 180°) for one of us. Because he is a beginner, I then rotated it in Baduk Cap so that he’d have it a little easier, then uploaded it to OGS again, then forked it to a game invitation.

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