Play menu komi options

I put a bot on the public bot list this weekend and set gtp2ogs to reject games that weren’t 7.5 komi. I noticed I got a lot of repeat challenges with automatic komi. I talked with one of the players and realized that at /play, the “Computer” option doesn’t let you pick a komi.

Could we allow people to set custom komi when challenging bots from that menu? (Even better would be if there was some API for setting which komis a bot allowed and populating that menu with the allowed options.)


What did I miss? :smiley:

I don’t know if this helps, when I try to play a bot and I choose a setting the bot doesn’t allow (for example 4 hours in live when a bot only accepts up to 2 hours) I get a rejection and a pop-up saying why it was rejected and what the bot accepts.

I think it’s something the bot administrator controls, maybe @AdamR can guide you with that :slight_smile:

ah, it turns out custom is only disabled if you check “Ranked”

yeah, my bot rejects with a message about komi (thanks go gtp2ogs), but players are still confused when they try to issue ranked challenges

anyway, I’ve resolved the issue by allowing 7.5 and automatic komi in ranked challenges