Play screen grid colours

Sorry if I’m being a duffer but what do the colours mean in the graph on the play screen? I can’t find the answer but maybe haven’t looked in the right places. it’s obvious that grey are challenges you cannot accept for whatever reason but otherwise I can’t work out a correlation between green, red, orange and pink challenges. I assume it’s some combination of board size/ranked/opponent strength or something - or maybe just colours that don’t mean anything. Not an important thing but it’s strangely troubling me! Thanks!

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I think red is for games that you have created for others to accept. I don’t know the others. Board size maybe?

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Ah, so green is “quick match finder” and red is “custom games” - could be. Thanks!
None of them are created by me (presumably these would be grey as I can’t accept my own challenge!)
Doesn’t seem to be linked to board size as far as I can tell.

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Ah brilliant! - and scatterplot, not play grid/graph or anything else like that!


Ahahahaha. I told you it needs a legend! xD


Confirmation indeed, it would seem :wink:


This is helpful. I was trying to figure out what the colors meant. I agree that small legend would be helpful. Also which games are in the chart? Are they the same ones as listed in the Custom Games table? If I select “Show uneligible challenges” the table seems to have many more games than the skatterplot does.

Also, if I chose quick match finder, will that only match me up with others that have selected a quick match search, or are custom games included there as well? Can two people effectively be matched in a quick match with neither of them having created a “custom game”.

Lastly can I be in more than one non-correspondence game at time? Are my custom invites canceled automatically when I start a different game?