Play with KGS players from OGS. API and operationnal code available!

As you probably know, KGS is now available with a webpage so I am almost sureit is now possible to log/search/join and play game on it via OGS ( with some reverse engineering and a kind of Adapter design pattern to communicate).

I know it could be a lot of work , but it could definitvely make KGS players to come here, and will greatly improve the users community…

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This would be in very murky legal territory. KGS could (and probably would) be pretty upset that their service is being misused in such a manner to try and avoid actually using their site (and thus evading any potential ad revenue from such use). It would be one thing if they exposed an API that enabled this, but reverse engineering this would be questionable.

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Well in fact I launch the thread because its open sourced ! So if an unofficial client is already running… why not ?

Fair enough, then probably not an issue, and I’d be surprised if KGS sent a C&D letter or anything.

Hmmm… Have you done any search before reply? Everything is documented to help people to create their own client.

I dont think KGS make any money with the client, there is no ads and its an installed application, not a website. This webclient is only few month old, but it demonstrate the faisability and his code could be reused with mention to its owner.

I may misunderstand because I’m not english speaker but, with all due respect, your answers are surprising. I’ve modified the title to be more specific

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I believe you’re correct, I just know that what I outlined has happened before in the US rather frequently. Given how KGS apparently operates upon closer inspection, you’re probably right and this wouldn’t be a problem at all. It would be pretty neat.

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Ok I have just see that there is another section to post and votes for ides. The corresponding topic for voting is here:

I’m wondering how it would attract KGS players to come here, unless OGS client somehow advertised via chat what client the visiting player is using. Even assuming that KGS is totally cool now with custom clients (I thought they were always insistent on maintaining total control?) there is still the issue of what is called stealing liquidity. That’s when you bridge your system (e.g. a market trading system) into a larger market to make it appear available in yours.

I’m sure we’d all love to live in a larger liquidity pool.

Because if KGS player keep playing on KGS, its for the others KGS players. Many peoples I know keep telling me something like “I don’t have any friends on your OGS website your are talking, i’ll not switch to it for sure”. The new existing website to play KGS is way less finished and great as OGS, and its the thing missing to play on KGS server.

I know it’s a month old thread, but I just want to voice my opinion regarding OGS vs other go servers.

I don’t see why the OGS owners need to develop a way to play with KGS players. It seems that there are already many KGS players here. What made KGS nostalgic is probably the community there and not the go server system there. Why not build that kind of community here instead?

Anyways, I signed up with KGS, IGS, and DGS, around the same time I opened my OGS account. I couldn’t understand DGS’s user interface, so I didn’t even bother trying to find a game there.

IGS’s app GoPanda is cumbersome. Its NetSocialPlaza keeps popping up. No one seems to like playing provisional players.

KGS’s open source web client ShinKGS is still beta, so I used their clunky Java client. Many people say that KGS is best for beginners, but so far no one seems to want to play provisional players either. My only game there was with a bot.

On OGS, I was able to play at least 49 games since I opened my account. No one seemed to mind I was a provisional player at that time. OGS’s client interface is clean and simple to understand. There is nothing to install. I could even play normally on my tiny Note 4. The people I played against were hard to beat, but they were also nice.

So, yes, I think the owners of OGS should just focus on OGS and develop its community.