Player can't chat in game

One of my OGS friends is unable to chat in-game. But he can message me and communicate that way.

He thinks he was banned for some reason as he can’t comment/chat in any games now for several days.

Is there such a ban that only effects in-game chat. And if so, is it temporary?

Thanks and best regards

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well, since (as far as I know) we seem to currently have one account with these exact technical issues, I can safely assume it is the one you mean. We are having our dev “department” to have a look and possibly explain in more detail. :slight_smile:

In the meantime if your friend wants to discuss the issue or ask questions personally I am pretty sure he/she should be able to still use the forums normally. So both of you feel free to send any (or all at once) of the mod team a PM

And of course sorry about the trouble

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Thanks for the info @AdamR. I don’t know if he’s registered for the forum; I’ll encourage him to do so, as I’ve found it very useful and interesting. And he’d have a better avenue for support when needed. :smiley:


There used to be a display glitch in which the chat box is moved below the displayed area. You would never know that it is supposed to be there if you weren’t used to it.

Tell your friend to try different browsers, screen and window sizes.

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hello i tryed other navigator, but my account is muted, for chat publics i think one admin did that.
Thanks for help
Alma Pacifica.

Hello, yeah I know about the chatban, it’s probably part of the problem. I will ask the mod who issued the ban to contact you as well (probably here at the forums too).

Thanks for the patience. And if I can help more or you have other questions maybe please switch to PM, as this does not concern and thus is not interesting to other members here.


Thank you dear admin, it is a shame not to be able to speak in the chat especially, since I have many friends and I am a faithful collaborator of the page, without in such case any of my comments were taken to bad apologies and my sincere collaboration, since already , last my health was not the best and I was not in the best time, I also feel that when I play a game not being able to greet my opponent at the beginning or end cannot be taken to good, since they do not understand that I can not speak and take it as a disrespect.
My sincere greetings
Alma Pacifica.