Player Count

In game, the whole game it only said there was one person on which was me.

They might be using the mobile app (or some other external way of playing), I think that doesn’t show you as being online.

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If you look carefully, your opponent has a grey circle, which means he is offline.

No actually it means they aren’t on the game. If I am online but looking at my home page, I don’t have a green circle.

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So they are in another game or something when you are in the game

No like even when they place a stone it doesn’t make them have a green circle.

The count on the bottom right and the gray/green indicator besides the profile picture both indicate, which players are connected to the game’s chat.

If you use the website you automatically participate in chat as well. When using a third party tool to play on OGS, a player might be not connected to chat.