Player Leaves Match, No Way To Contact Them

I don’t think z-index is the answer: it will look severely bad having the player name splatted over the top of the disconnect timer.

I really like the idea of replacing the av with the disconnect timer, and I think the funkiness may allow it without a tricky redesign.

However, for some strange reason, today I can’t persuade the beta server to give me a disconnect timer at all today.

Is there something I’m missing? I’ve set up a few games as usual between test accounts, and disconnected as I was doing on Friday, but no disconnect timer. I’ve reverted my code, tried direct using the served up code from etc.

If anyone could confirm or deny that there seems to be no disconnect timer there at the moment, that’d let me get back to this…

So I forced the client to pretend I’m disconnected, to see what this would look like:

I think it’s pretty reasonable.

When the mystery of “why can’t I get an actual disconnect situation on beta?” is solved I can test it properly, and maybe submit…


Working on beta for me:

Wah. What game settings did you use? Maybe we can coordinate to try this out together?

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Kosh helped me test it - not quite sure why I couldn’t get a disconnect timer on my own, but this change has been submitted now:


I really like this design a lot! It should satisfy everyone, I imagine.


Yeah - unfortunately it turns out it doesn’t work on a phone, so more tweaking remains. Did I mention this layout is funky? :open_mouth:

I am sorry Eugene :frowning_face:. Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. May the UI Gods make the truth apparent soon :crossed_fingers:


I submitted an update to handle mobile view as well, hopefully…


Thankyou for taking the time to address this…

:grin: :rofl:

But I’m confident AdamR had it right with:

I think it’s a VERY worthwhile improvement in functionality. :+1:

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