Player not showing up at correspondence game

I find it very annoying when people accept an invitation to a correspondence game, but fail to play. It then takes several days for such games to time out. On my last entered games I noticed that the member that accepted 2 of my invitations had 8 games pending without playing any move. I also noted that this member had lots of games that timed out without any move being played by him. In fact, I could not find a single correspondence game in his game history where he actually played. So maybe he doesn’t like to play correspondence games, but how come he seems to accept them?

So I wonder if something can be done about this. I could imagine that the system would require a formal confirmation that they would like to go ahead with the game, either implicitly by entering a move or explicitly by some confirmation.

Or maybe it is an idea to have an extra time setting for the first move or to assume that the first move should be made within 24 hours say.

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I’ve been saying this for a while now. Would be great for live games too. Not sure if there’s been an issue opened for this.

As far as what you can do now:

  • If you sense your opponent is not going to play their first move, you can cancel the game with no effect on your rank (the game will be annulled if less than two moves are played).
  • You can choose time settings without a lot of main time (like fischer can start with low initial time I believe)
  • For the player that you talked about- that’s probably report-worthy…

Looks like a form of trolling to me. Report this to a moderator.


Players who accept a challenge created by someone else are expected to play. If they don’t, you can report them.


I apologize to those who I failed to play the whole game. I do not know about others.I live in what is consider a third world country. As far as I know,even though we h ave a large oriental presence, I am the only active go player here. So pllaying on the internet is my only option.learning go is done by watching you tube. Reliabie electricity has only been available since the turn of the century. if one computer goes down there is no Best Buy anywhere in the country. so by the time I can get back on line the game is over…


I’d say you’re okay, I don’t think you’ve played a game (that I can see) against mmhmjanssen so I don’t think they were talking about you. (Unless you have more than one account of course)

The player I think they are referring to (without naming them) does seem to have many games with 1 or no move played at all.

I’m sure the moderators will sort things out if reported and they need to be sorted.

Hope you’re enjoying go when you get a chance to play.