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Hi. I’m keen to know aggregate statistics on players, likethe average time and number of games taken by players to climb from ddk to sdk to dan, the percentage of players who reach dan when starting out at ddk, number of daily games played on average by players of different ranks,etc. Would it be possible to see these after accounting for users with multiple accounts?


All data are available on the server. No stats though. If you want them you can make them yourself, as some of us do.

You can ask the server for players ratings history.
I should have the string for that somewhere. It’s a http request.
But it’s just one player at a time.


You can find a snapshot of >12M ranked games in the repo


There are several Forum threads in which S_Alexander and others published a wide variety of aggregate statistical graphs. I don’t remember the names, but you can use the Forum search tool to find them.


Here are some threads with statistics:


There is, of course, G0tstats ( run by @Chinitsu, although it doesn’t provide the sort of data you’re looking for.


  • daily registrations statistics, full 2020 included
  • weekly number of games, full 2020 included

(Search for “statistics” shows this topic first.)

(And that topic had not clear name, some people could think that its about new year celebration and ignore it.)

(So I am posting link here.)

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