Player Won't Accept Removed Stones During the Stone Removal Phase

What do you do with players who won’t “Accept removed stones” in the “Stone Removal Phase”? It looks as if they don’t have a time limit so that they can just leave the game as is with no one winning or losing, even though they actually lost. I can’t seem to find a game ID, but it’s me against Sichaa68.

This seems to be the game. you can resume the game as it has time limits. You will win on time. You can also contact moderator in the help channel (under global channels)
I can’t understand how you didn’t find the game ID though…

But when I resume the game it is my turn, so I pass, then it goes back into stone removal phase, so it never becomes my opponent’s turn.

Then you just cancel and resume game a second time, and it will then be their turn. (or just play another stone)

Please don’t dig out necro threads from August with solved issues. :smile: