Player won't come back

I don’t know if someone made a thread about it, if someone did, I am sorry for reposting. Although I read a lot of topics and dind’t find anything related to the subject.
I started a game on 25/08, the guy I played against was new to the game, but he started it and I accepted it. The thing is, that the game doesn’t have timi limit, and the guy hasn’t come back. He looks like one of those people that play 1 day and never do it again.
What can I do about it?

Thanks a lot people!

Hi legas, I decided the game in your favor. The server would have done that eventually, i can’t recall if its’ 30 or 60 days now though… so might have been awhile longer :wink: I agree though, looks like he was just passing through.

Thanks a lot, and good to know that the games end eventually. Good bye!

In the universe of correspondence games, August 25 is not that long ago. Couldn’t just let it time out?

No time limits on that game