Players not ordered by points in tournament view

Before players were ordered by points now they aren’t, e.g. Nine*Nine, NineNineNine

Something’s up


I did a search before doing that same report, but looked for the wrong words! :smile:

Looks like the bug has been addressed, but something still doesn’t work.

In the “Nine*Nine, NineNineNine” tournament

all players are sorted by points… except for the first of the list.

It probably wasn’t addressed. It’s just so happened the pairings go mostly in order sorted by points. Maybe?

You can see how the games go in pairs, right. First some game then the same game but with players reversed. So it’s still ordered by ids.

(my favorite player with fractional number of points)

Pairing players on points and then sorting games on points could probably give that result.

Now that we have a few games completed, we see that players order isn’t changed and the winner isn’t sorted anymore after getting one more point.