Players refusing to accept score

Is it just me who is tired of people refusing to accept score when they have clearly lost. It seems you can keep your opponent hanging forever refusing to accept score. The only option for you is to resign or quit. The developers must do something to address this issue.


First of all you should watch your tone.

Second, just call a moderator. In the game window, swing your mouse pointer over to the right to bring up the side menu, click “call moderator”, write a brief description of your case and send it on its way.

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I must disagree. It is not fair to put the onus of treating new players kindly when someone accepts a game and with a non firm rank. Beginners should work their way up. Players should be able to estimate their rank, and have provisional status. And we should have the abiltiy to have them excluded from accepting requests. I have had a number of annoying games where the player but did not know the first thing of how to play or was annoying and the rank restriciton did not stop their being able to play. This is a design flaw not a player flaw. I am happy to play beginners when I feel like it. Or they ask. But to have a game accepted and have someone and play and not know when to quit is asking for trouble.

OGS wants to be a friendly place then it needs to not set us up for failure.


I think the 13k default rank is doing harm This is a good thread with why new players start that way Nightstalker.

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I still stand with my comment. It simply does not make sense to have brand new players being able to accept games against experienced players unless the experienced player wants to watch autoatari…

Here is an example of 12k accepting my challenge, when I had a rank restriction… This was a new player and was nice but just not 12k. He shoulld not have been able to accept.

have fun

[15:44] ssdaily: Not gonna lie

[15:44] ssdaily: I’m pretty new to this

[15:44] ssdaily: And pretty bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Move 3

[15:45] Nghtstalker: it says your 12k

Move 4

[15:45] ssdaily: It doesn’t have a large enough sample

[15:45] ssdaily: Probably closer to 20k

Move 5

[15:45] Nghtstalker: I see well enjoy anyway

[15:45] Nghtstalker: well see