Playing again after taking a short break


I just started playing again after taking a break from Go for about three weeks.

My first game didn’t go well:

I didn’t have any feel for the whole board position and my reading was bad.

What is the best way to get back into playing again? Should I challenge people with a lower rank? Play handicap games? Do tsumego first? Watch Go streams?

Perhaps I should just play and expect to lose for a few days?

Any thoughts?

One game against someone 4 stones stronger not going well? I would just not worry and move on tbh.


I had a similar result on KGS. :slight_smile:

I won a game!

I don’t think I played particularly well though, and I’m not sure why my opponent kept playing when the game was over.

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I actually spend a bit of time watching other people play whenever I return. It helps me visualize the board and stones before actually hopping back into my own games. But, I think hopping into games is usually the best way to go.


Yes. Good idea. I’m currently watching wichmaster.

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I think it is because you took a break for three weeks. I came back from a busy week and i was really bad. I guess the longer you are away not playing, the more you stop thinking about Go the worse you get until you start playing regularly again. Your probably much better then when you originally posted this but i just wanted you to know what i thought.

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Probably. I just took another break, so I’ll see how I play now. :slight_smile: