Playing at least 20 games each day

Here’s something surprising: Since May 21 this year, I now have played 700 games in OGS, nearly 1000. No one reached this far ever. I will now play at least 20 games daily as said in topic name. I just wanted to share the news. Good luck on OGS forums.

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That’s a good point, I don’t think anyone has ever played 1000 games before.


Since the 21st of May. I’ve constantly played with the same bot every day. I’ve played with amybot for a long time now cuz I’m still right above 24k because of the whole rank difference thing

I deleted a post because showing the number was not needed, and I regret it.
However, as I said, playing a lot can make you better, especially if you are a beginner, but ask yourself if playing 20 games a day or more is really necessary and why you want to do it. You might find better ways to achieve that goal.


Maybe try playing less quantity and focusing on quality of your game and also reviewing your games. This will see your skill grow faster than playing many games without thinking about your moves.


If you want to get bad habits, continue playing the same bot many times a day, it’s a very efficient way to achieve that goal.


“1000 games to shodan” is unlikely to happen if they are vs amybot.


Got it. I am constantly trying to improve my rating but I cannot seem to do that because for some reason the only bot I could play with is weak amybot

I’m curious, why don’t you like to play against other humans?


A couple of games against humans, and you will be able to easily outcompete the bot. Try asking for a review of your games, this alone will bring you several stones in ranks. What I am saying, is that if you are interested in pushing your rank, there are several highly effective and efficient ways to do that. Playing with bots is neither.


Gotta say that’s impressive amount of games, im sure your rank will raise when you play with more different opponents!

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I do play with some humans, most people that accept my games are provisionals, so now I don’t make games that often. Sometimes I just hate them

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My target is currently 1400, beating all people joining last year, but it will take a few months. I need to play more humans now because most bots act very uncanny.

If you do care about improving but are reluctant to ask people for reviews, you should at the very least review the turning points in your games as reported by the AI analysis.

AI analyses are sometimes harder to understand than what a person explains, so skip things that make no sense to you. Try to recognise situations where you repeatedly make the same sort of mistakes, so you can eliminate them from your games.


You seem to have replaced the goal of actually improving your game (that is, beating others in games) with the goal of playing more games than anyone (that is, beating others in this meta-game you invented for yourself).

And if you want to do that, that’s fine!

But if you are at 24k after 700 games… that’s actually incredibly slow progress. I’m sure you’ve heard this from others, but if you want to get better at go:

  • play against other humans
  • review and study your games
  • study a good book on go

I don’t really think 24k is my real rank, on my other 2 accounts, which I am using right now, I am pretty much middle DDK or something…