Playing Go on e-ink tablet


does somebody have experience playing online-go on an e-ink tablet like the onyx boox max 2?

Which devices work with (or with other popular online go community)?

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I hadn’t experience with eink displays so far.

I tried to play a game on my tolino and it worked unexpectedly well. OGS automatically selects the white board skin. Playing a game worked without problems. The goban looks really nice on eink. As expected everything is a little slow and chatting isn’t much fun.

Here some screenshots from my reader.


@flovo Uhh… good to know :grin:.

Ive been hesitant to play on my phone, its just too small (and i dont own a tablet). My reader might be great for playing on vacation. Then again … it is linux based :joy:.

Was that a live game you played there?

Yes, it was live. I would recommend to not play blitz, but live is fine.

Huh, I wonder if i could play on my kindle.

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Thank you for sharing!

Which Tolino product do you use?

It’s the Tolino Vision 3 HD.

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Works very well on likebook mars (octacore processor). Get little 4mm half dome pearl beads to use as stones. Use the ogs online go app. Also possible to read smartgo books and solve problems using gitden reader. Of coarse you can replay pro games as well, or amateur ogs games. Overall better experience than playing on computer. A hybrid of a real board and a virtual board


I made another post about trying to use a Kindle Paperwhite to play OGS, do to the JAva, it was a no go without a jailbreak which I wasn’t looking to pursue.

I ended up getting a large screen BOOX Note 3 and I have OGS running on it quite well. It is quite magical actually to play with no backlit screen, with a stylus. It is absolutely my preferred method of playing go, second only to on a real board. It’s absolutely fast enough to play live games or even blitz.

I’m meaning to make a video and a full review but here is a pic of a game in zen mode.