Playing go variants

I can’t find any place where I can play my favourite go variants as in, especially Phantom Go, Tetris Go or Atari Go. I would love being able to choose from these variants when creating a game on OGS. I can start developping them if you give me access to some code. What do you think? Do you know some places where alternative go games can be played? Long ago we had

Little Golem offers toroidal go on 11x11 and random go (go with a randomized starting position). Other than that… I remember seeing a turn-based site many years ago that had some exotic variants, but I can’t find it now. It’s probably long dead.

Are you thinking of DGS?

No, DGS, in comparison, is very popular and very traditional. It was a general turn-based site, specializing on relatively unknown games and variants. A bit like Richard’s PBeM server, but offering even more obscure stuff. I do not remember which go variants they had, but probably hexagonal or 3-color, or something equally crazy. :slight_smile:

Speaking of atari go, that one can be played on OGS (and everywhere else) without special server-side support. Just create an unrated game and trust your partner to resign when he’s beaten. You can even create a specialized group. And if it turns out there is enough interest in such games, that would make it easier to convince the site developers to add the software support.

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I know but atari go will not interest usual players. I am a great fan of phantom go and I would like to play it online. Not to difficult to implement though.

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