Playing on tablet

Hello there, I am a newbie moving my first steps into go and ogs.
I had a look around, or at least I tried (not familiar with the forum) but I couldn’t find similar questions.

I’ve been playing from a tablet for a while and had some problems.

First, when typing in the chat, I lose my text if the opponent makes a move or writes. It looks like the page refreshes and I have to be really quick in writing and sending the message. I end up starting the message over again many times and I come across rude. Is this normal?

Second, because of the previous problem I cannot chat real-time otherwise time’s up. In other games I see players commenting real-time moves, is it related to my keyboard issue?

Third and last, stronger players kindly offered me reviews but it didn’t work because of my chat problems. Also, they mentioned discord but not sure the apps works while looking at the game on chrome.

I’d really like to keep using the notepad because it’s my best alternative (no laptop available), but I feel a bit limited.


Hello! Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues. I am not on the OGS team so I cannot offer much specific information but I can think of a few obvious things to try:

  1. Upgrade to latest browser version

  2. Try alternative browser

  3. Try alternative device

These are not necessarily long term solutions but might help to pinpoint the root of the problem.

I have not noticed such issues myself but a related issue that I do experience is that if I type in chat and then try to post a move, the page jumps back to the chat so I have to refresh after typing in chat.

As for running out of time, don’t worry about coming across rude. If you are playing a live game, your opponent will understand if you don’t have time to chat during the game. Just a quick “Hi. Good luck. Have fun” or similar at the start is more than enough politeness (lots of people don’t even bother with that). Also, if you play as black, then you usually get a bit of extra time before the game starts to chat. And you can keep chat going after the game too.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the hints.


Going to try.

Only got a phone, which i think is worse.

I am going to try number 2. I just felt like I am missing out features compared to people with a laptop and I was wondering if it was my fault.

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You might also want to try enabling desktop mode, maybe it will treat your device like a laptop and fix the chat issue.


Welcome to the forums! I’m wondering if you could share the OS/Device/browser information, that can be helpful. I use a tablet occasionally, but haven’t run into this issue.


You might be able to make use of the quick chat feature if the issue persists:

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Is this in the settings menu? I couldn’t find it yet but looks promising

It is a browser setting that you can find in the dropdown menu where you would look for history and stuff.

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Thank you for welcoming me. I am currently using a Samsung A7 tablet with Chrome. The chat is displayed below the go board so I scroll down to type. If I am not quick enough though or the opponent moves, the page goes to the top again, and I have to start over.

It’s bearable during games, a bit more frustrating when I had my first chance to get a review. The reviewer was writing and making variations, and each action was an obstacle to me trying to comment and interacting. I did apologise and I think he/she understood but still was almost as frustrating as my bad playing. Also I’d like to avoid it in the future without giving up on the opportunity to have reviews.

I was also offered a live chat on discord, which I don’t know if it’s standard practice, but could not try it so I’m wondering if the app works in the background while looking at the board

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To me, the jump back to the top happens only once while I’m on the game. After the first it keeps the scroll position after a move.

Either way, the chat input kept the text I typed so far.


Oh interesting I never noticed it (don’t play a lot of live games on mobile) but I can confirm focus is pulled to go board when opponent moves. Happened every time for me.


  • Samsung s10e, Chrome
  • it happens every time (when I have a chat focused then opponent plays)
  • the text is preserved

I’ve file a bug: Bug: focus pulled away from chat when opponent plays a move · Issue #1424 · online-go/ · GitHub

For your discord workaround, i haven’t tried it before, but you should be able to have multiple apps open at once. Use Multi Window and App pair shortcuts on your Galaxy phone


Thank you!

I’ve just lost another game to double-check and I can confirm that in my case the already typed text is not kept. I suspect it could be device-application specific.


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