Please add confirm move/undo button so it's on the screen (mobile)

Here’s the interface on mobile

I have to scroll down each time to confirm my move super annoying.
p.s please make system auto-confirm if you run out of time.

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It looks like you’ve a very small screen.
Here is what I see on my android 6’

I can’t show it now but I can see Submit button without scrolling


Does your phone browser to zoom out without the pinch-type zooming?

There might be a page view setting I mean.


A couple of settings you may be interested in trying:

Zen mode - it gets rid of the header bar (and a lot of other stuff) so you might be able to fit the undo button on the screen.
Double click to confirm - instead of clicking the button, you can just tap twice on the board, eliminating the need for the submit button.

Edit: that said, I do think it’s good feedback that the submit button should be in the viewport regardless of settings.


I’m also using a feature that doesn’t display the address bar. That’s some more space available.

I can tell how it works on Android, but the OP screen maybe is iPhone


Try “Online GO” app by Zen android. Ogs access with confirm move and undo all on the same screen.

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Looks like there’s some potential to better use the space on the top:

But the time takes up more space, when there’s also the byo-yomi counter to display.

Idea maybe: Add a setting to use the box with the player info as a submit button.


Getting rid of the icons in this layout seems to free up a lot of space:

But yeah that idea about using the player cards as a submit button is interesting…

Or to throw another idea in there, maybe a Material FAB to keep it close to the thumb?


What would have it float over? The board, the opponents timer?

I’m learning some new terms :slight_smile:

I believe it would float near the stone, but slightly offset. Similar to a context menu but a little more detached.

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I do have a small screen please make better use of screen space.

How do I get rid of icons?

I have double click selected but it doesn’t work on mobile

FABs are positioned relative to the viewport, so it kind of depends on how much you’ve scrolled. I was thinking somewhere near the bottom right, but doesn’t have to be there necessarily.

Scrolled to top:

After scrolling a little bit:

DOM-fu :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh huh… that seems like a bug!

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Basically you could program OGS to look different on your phone only.

The way you’d do that (and that’s probably how Benjito has done it) is by manipulating the HTML code in your browser. AFAIK that’s a little bit tricky to do on a phone, and by default such manipulations will reset whenever you reload the page (e.g. when you open a different game). But there are add-ons for browsers which you can tell to permanently apply such changes.

But having the submit button visible on the screen surely is a feature that other users would want too.
So it would probably be better to wait for OGS to change it’s look on small screens (or to submit a pull request yourself, if you are able to write the code).

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Although the button only has to be visible when the new stone is already placed (temporarily), having the FAB hover over the board might result in accidental clicks when trying to place stones around there or it might hide the new stone, which makes it hard to double check it’s position.

Thinking about that, I have a question: How does undoing a not yet submitted move work?


I think the only way to “unstage” a move is to click/tap on it again (unless you’re in double-click mode haha). Refreshing is an option too. But that’s not usually necessary because you can just click another place on the board if you want to move somewhere else.

Regarding the submit button covering the board, yeah I think that’s a valid downside. My reasoning for proposing it any way is that 99% of the time you want to click submit rather than clicking the board again. And in the rare case (~1 in 20 chance) that the FAB covers the last move, one can scroll a bit to move it off the board.

But you’re only using the submit button, because you are worried about misclicks. And on the phone misclicks happen more often than only once in a hundred moves. At least I’m misplacing stones a lot while playing Josekle, even though I have the board zoomed into the corner.


Alternatively, you can click an occupied intersection or use the back arrow to unstage a move. Or reload the page, if all else fails (as it does sometimes.)

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am on iphone and surround requires iphone 15.0