Please adjust my rank

i got a ridiculously high rank when i registered my account. it says ‘11k’ when i think i should be more in between ‘beginner’ and ‘casual player’; i.e. ‘20k’?

thanks for your help!

Hello @hiro_protagonist,

I can only find this profile: Hiro Protagonist, and it is 18k … maybe some other mod already changed it?

thanks for your reply. i thought my username would be the same here as it is on … there my username is ‘hiro.protagonist’. does that help?

or is the link to my profile more helpful?

Fixed. Thanks for turning yourself in. :wink:

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thanks! yes. felt a little guilty…

I also made this mistake. Dragged the slider far left and then when I clicked the button I noticed the slider was back to the centre. Username is ‘cthor’. I’m a beginner (played first game yesterday).

You have two wishes left. :slight_smile:

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