Please adjust my ranking

Not done with ill intent my apology. I was judging by a past website that apparently was over rating people. Can I be set to 17th please and work my way up? LedZeppelin

I’ll get it.

And done.

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Should I resign my active games? I have contacted them all about my ranking adjustment. Thank you. LZ

No need, your (and your opponent’s) points will be adjusted based on your rank after the game. So the adjusted rank will be used.

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Hello, I am also new to this site, and I have made a similar mistake. I set my ranking at 15k on a “blind guess” thinking I would be able to reset it later.

Can you please set me to 20k?

Greatly appreciated

OK maybe 25k until I figure things out a bit better? Sorry for the n00b behavior. Thank you. Tony B

@tonybe done :wink:

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Thank you very much : )