Please, can anyone help-me with this 4k game review?

Anyone can help-me with a review about this game? :wink:

I’m Black.

Thank you very much!!!

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Here’s a quick review with some comments up until move 100 or so.

I think this is a good example of why you wouldn’t want to get surrounded, as your opponent will be able to build an area easily. I liked that you kept consistency in playing a territorial game but you at some point you have to start moving into the center of the board, otherwise your opponent will be able to keep you low on the 3rd line and reduce your territory.

This moment came around move 50 where your opponent started to press you down and all your groups where already on the 3rd line and about to be surrounded. So my main advise is simple: don’t get surrounded!


I agree with everything ZenModeOn said. Here are some of my thoughts(I put some variations in the game chat):

  1. White move 8 blocking at the wrong direction is unbearable. At move 13 you already won the game cause you were given a solid corner for free.

  2. As white, I would extend from the wall to give the wall some base. Extend from the corner, for one the corner still has a 3-3 to invade, two the wall is not thick considering the cutting points from the corner black and without eye base when it does not have extension.

  3. Black J3 and M3 definitely need to go out and it is not difficult at all if you exploit the cutting point of white wall, which you never did. It looks small, but it is NOT. I put a very simple example to exploit the cutting points. It should have better moves than that. In this particular game, if they go out, the thinness of the wall will demonstrate itself and eventually become white’s burden. At least white would never dare to make the R13 move to cut your two space extension.

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@ZenModeOn, @drifterwolf , thank you very much!
Please, can you see this game for me please?
I played against 1dan, trying playing influence-oriented, and surround the opponent. (To learn how them react)
But I didn’t know how to deal with the move 66.

I’m black.

Tough game, and a little over my level but here’s a review with some comments until move 100 or so:

I think the invasion at 66 was handled well but there was too much aji for white to exploit. I would have consider sacrificing something (perhaps the 4 stones on the top-right) in order to preserve sente and get some points elsewhere.

I’m not so familiar with the 3-3 invasions so I didn’t comment much there… I really should study that :smiley:

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My observation is you play too many slow moves not matching your rank, showing too much respect, in the wrong way, to the 1d. When we play scared to opponent 4-5 ranks higher, we lose that minimum chance to win and more importantly to make the game as a meaningful learning opportunity.

Besides, dude, don’t play too many games against d players. It’s too stressfully.

I put some variations in the game chat.g

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