Please, can anyone help-me with this vs 5d(fox) game

i was black

a brief intro, i am 4k here on ogs, was 1d on kgs ages ago then stopped playing for a long time, reading is super horrible nowadays, hence why i am 4k on here lol

anyways back to the game, i was black, i resigned at the end, i thought i lost, but according to goreviewpartner, i was winning 93%, i thought my center group died, (it could connect)
according to goreviewpartner, i started winning after move 42, before that i was behind the whole way
i messed up on 171 on the reading
i also added the better moves made by goreviewpartner
some moves that goreviewpartner made, i was clueless about how it was better than mine(like peeping instead of cutting the two groups)
some moves were clear it was better, some, i was not warm and fuzzy at

As you have noticed yourself, the reading is not sharp enough. You really need to practice reading.

Another aspect is to look at the groups, see what is weak, what is strong, any aji and try to utilize this to your advantage. I think it would help you a lot to look at some pro games, and reading Nie Weiping’s book - The art of positional judgment to get that thinking back on track again. It will also help you to reach beyond 1 dan.

Try a few slow games and makes sure each move is played with a whole board perspective. Get out of the rut of just playing moves.

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thanks for response
yea, i need to work alot on my reading