Please cap the number of correspondence tournaments users can join


Even more: fast paced Round Robin! :smiley:


In talking about what format is best, what about double elimination (like a knockout, but the losers get a chance to come back into the main tournament by competing in a secondary one)?

If you had, say, an eight-player cap then no player would have to play more than four games (and what’s more, you’d have a definite winner at the end.) And it would be even better scaled up: you could do one with sixteen initial players and only five games, or 32 players and only six.


Is there an option for tournaments to disable vacation times?

I second that question. I’ve already been working on ways to make faster correspondence games and that option would be very handy.


The 1-13-2018 Weekly McMahon tournament has been waiting for months for one 20 k player to finish one game. This player (kalear) is already disqualified, times out on almost all of his games, has lost every game in this tournament, and seems to be on permanent pause. He is probably unaware that he is holding everything up. A simple solution to this kind of abuse is to give the tournament organizer(s) authority to monitor the action, to contact offending players, and to kick them out of the tournament if they don’t shape up.


@klaus38, pls notify some moderator of this fact (just not me as I’m currently on the road)


@klaus38 done!

We could’ve solved this earlier if 1) someone reported it to us mods on the site; or 2) someone would ask those three opponents to unpause those games and let him timeout.

Let me share my little reflexion about this.

Some OGS users don’t give the report to a mod tool enough importance.

Also, some OGS users don’t use the pausing tool the way it’s supposed to (the attitude of what the heck, I’ll let him finish the game anytime he wants is very cool, but not so much when you’re making a tournament getting stuck).

Same happens (and have happened a trillion times) with many other tools: game chat, site chat, scoring, score estimator, direct challenges, custom challenges, custom tournaments, etc, etc, etc.

We don’t only have the task of improving our Go knowledge and technique, we can also add our two cents as members of the community by improving these living together aspects.

Okay, done with the annoying sermons. Salut! :beers:


It’s good to call this out, I don’t think to use the moderator option unless the case is extreme. I feel a bit silly making a fuss, so I appreciate the reminder that that’s what it’s made for! :relaxed:


Thank you. Now for a new problem: the second round of this tournament has started with many matches being initiated in triplicate. This seems messed up. The round should be restarted, in my opinion.


Sure, that would be ideal, but sadly it’s not possible :confused:

You can cancel all the games but those that are linked from the tournament page. If you cannot cancel by now and have to resign, let me know and I’ll annull them.


I’ve resigned a bunch of duplicated games on this “tournament”. Most of these already had a few moves, and were not annulled. As a result, my ranking has dropped from 5.6 k to 8.0 k. I don’t care that much, but it would be nice if you could correct this. Regards and thanks for your help.


I have annulled the aforementioned games and sorry about the trouble :frowning:


Stuff happens. Thanks.