Please do not use the first part of an email as default username

i’ve signed up trough an unaffiliated app, not knowing what was behind it. by default anyone i match with has an name which consists of the first part of their email.

now the issue is. i just have to add one of the two main email providers, @gmail and @outlook, maybe add hotmail if i’m feeling fancy, and i can spam & scam away. most people don’t bother to change their name.

i’ve never been hacked personally but everytime i get issues with passwords or emails being leaked it is trough things like this, my first leaked credentials where trough towns of salem. many others followed. so yes this is a risk.

i really like this service tho, appreciate it. i’m terrible at go but i’m learning. :slight_smile:


I might know an app like this…

Any suggestions for alternatives of what to use instead?
Or maybe just force names during account creation?

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yes, probably better to force name creation or just randomize the name if that’s too complicated. but considering you can program and i don’t i’m sure you’ll have better ideas haha. to be clear, no offense, love the app!


I think your point is valid and you brought it up without mentioning any site in particular, so no worries or misunderstandings there :slight_smile: Thanks for the support!

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