Please don't reinvent the wheel with other-go-resources page

The current page at is not a good idea in my opinion. This is like re inventing the wheel. It would be much better to have only the resource categories as links and they would redirect one to equivalent sensei’s libarary pages. Even better way would just have a single resource link that points to a sensei’s library page that is already available or if one is not then one that will be created. This way you will get the power of wiki. Now the link list is something that will eventually have tons of broken links and only way to “edit” it is to email someone…


I disagree.

Especially on Sensei’s Library, I have encountered a lot of dead links, dead sites from 2011 and no one to care about them. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice website)

The link list on OGS is actively being supervised by us, and if there are broken links, we just remove them.